What is bucktownpolymers.de

We regard this as a online hackerspace and DIY resource for homebrew 3D-printable photopolymers. On bucktownpolymers.de you’ll find

  • DIY Tutorials for making your own 3D-printable photopolymers
  • Shops, sellers and sources for compounds like monomers, oligomers, photo initiators and equipment
  • Sources for pre-mixed photopolymers
  • Tutorials for adjusting the mixture of your home-brew or pre-mixed photopolymers to the needs of your self-made or retail 3D-printer
  • News on 3D printing with photopolymers

We had the idea for a site like this some years ago in our Hackerspace in Hamburg, Germany, where we’ve been mixing UV curables for quite a while now. Since ever then we are putting together a repository of easy to use 3D-printable compounds, that even inexperienced 3D printerers and hackers can mix, modify and use on their own. However, it still needs a good bunch of know-how and skill, which is where we came in with this comprising resource. Still, everything you mix is on your responsibility, so be sure to follow the safety-guidelines and take your time to read our tutorials carefully. If you want to support our project by contributing your own articles, tutorials videos or pictures, you are very much invited to send them to hackerscene@bucktownpolymers.de.

By the way, we’ve chosen the name bucktownpolymers for our hackerspace long time ago, unknowing that (or even earlier than)┬áthe commercial photopolymer retailer with the .com domain popped up. Please forgive us if we just keep it :)

Bucktownpolymers.de is also available in german language!


your bucktownpolymers hackerspace team

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